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Sunday, June 22, 2014

So..I miss Winter

You read that right, it may be the very first day of summer, but I miss winter already. Not that I'm not looking forward to enjoying the summer. I just happen to miss Snowboarding. I had a great season this past one. I even made some new firends which is always a bonus. I even got some footage of myself this season. Always a win in my books. It's also kind of hard to play pond hockey....when it's still water.


Did I mention Luke Bryan is my Man Crush Monday? I can't get enough of the guy's music. Although hindsight 20/20 I should of used a different song for this video. Oh well I'm not trying to score any points...it was just a fun way to capture some memories. Hopefully this summer, I'll have some awesome videos come up here.

Also shout outs to

Ambush Boarding Company for looking after my snow sport needs, as well as their snow specific company BuySnow.


Mirror Pics are still cool right?
What can I say, it's been a long nearly four years. I actually forgot about this blog. It was by chance I stumbled over it when I changed my password for youtube's sake.  What can I say, I'm 25 these days and headed back to school in the fall. I'm making an academic change and school has taken awhile. I wanted to do it, on my own terms and walk out of it debt free.

I recently started cheering with the college's cheer team and that looks like it's going to be an exciting year, cheering on the school teams and competing in our own competitions. I've gained a solid 15 pounds of muscle, I'm still a baby face but not as babyfaced as I once was.

I think I'm going to start coming back here and blogging more. Making this more fun, with new areas and avenues and things that I think are awesome and fun. Despite having left blogger due to tension from another blogger who was high on their pedestol and I wasn't into that kind of crap

- Hutch Dillenger

Sunday, September 6, 2009


They amuse me, Two of the things I'd like to figure out in my life. Our the Zodiac codes. The ones writin by that mathmatically warped serial killer in the Bay Area California in the late 60s early 70's who's never been caught.
I'd also like to figure out the two unsolved Beale cyfers. If you've seen the first National Treasure movie. The movie revolves around the Beale cyfers. However the tresure in the movie and the the treasure the Cyfers say to lead to are very different.
That would just be something to do for fun. Unless I go all Jethro Gibbs and build a boat in my basement.
I have a profound love for History, unexplained things.
Yes I enjoyed the de vinci code. And Yes I think it's alot of imaginative bullshit with a bit of sound doctrine.
That last super painting. It's peter in the actual painting. Peter could just have been a very pretty man. It's not that far fetched. Think about it how many men have you seen with very soft features that could rival your wifes? While alot of those guys would sterotypically be called Fagish in todays society there are several straight guys who are very mascule but soft men who are heterosexual. However I do want a Cyrptex!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brand New AcroSport video, I worked hard on this

This video is 2 years of Acrofest Saturday night Shows. I've been able to train with all the teams involved and I was a member of one team. I just thought you guys would like to see what I do.

Friday, April 3, 2009

pictures of me

This was before I was a rockstar fashizzle. NO that onezie isn't PINK! it's like 4 generation hand me down that got bleached and worn the heck out. It used to be RED!

This is a proof sheet from a very great photoshoot I had in JUNE. 1 Problem I never got any of the photos. No one remembers the photographers name because it was set up as a trade for! Spiel by my school So pissed cuz some of those pics are awesome

That was the last year I played competitive baseball! Our team came in 2nd place in our division. We were beat out by AJAX a team much older and bigger then us.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

R.I.P Jeremy Lusk 1984-2009 a sad day in the MotoX world

SkullCandy Freestyle Motocross star Jeremy " The Pitbull" Lusk past away late tuesday night at the tender age of 24. He surcame to injury sustained in a Costa Rica Motorcross event on Saturday, when he under rotated a Hart attack backflip and slamed head first into the dirt. Lusk left behind a Freestyle legacy having recently slaughtered other competitors at this years Summer X-Game in California. Taking Gold in Freestyle Motocross, Silver in the best trick division and countless other achievements through the 2008 year. It's a sad day when a positive role model for the dysfunctional youth of today, leaves before well before his time.
Keep the Lusk Family in your thoughts and prayers

Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Update on my life, pictures from my session

Btwist in the Garden

540 Kick On Cement

Well I guess I'll update you on my life. I'm still hitting the gym every thursday night. Last night I worked on 540 Btwists, Backtucks, Front tucks and Kip Ups. Nothing outside the oridinary my gym session was nice and relaxed. It was a very productive session however because I found my balls again. I had a very off gym night two weeks ago and some how lost everything but I'm glad to have them back now.
My job hunt is going about as well as a limp dick does with penetration....apparently not to good. Acording to alot of people it's harder to get jobs now because of the recent down spiriling of the global economy as a whole. Though I'm intent on blaming a democratic american congress just to blame it on something less broad then the world.
I wonder if Hot House needs another model....????...ya never know? hmm I don't think I have the spunk for the industry not talking about the spewey white kind.
I had a decent outdoor training session the other day. The weather was actually unbearably cold and I have frost biten limbs to prove it. Probably should of wore more then shorts but none the less the session was prosperous. I'm traing to potentionally get a chance to put on a few demo shows at the Kilk all ages night club downtown. Maybe a few other club shows through out the year.
I have been debating over a release date for my video and I've come up with just putting the whole project off until post christmas day. After christmas if Jolly old St.Nicholas is nice to me I will have a new Laptop, with a better harddrive and editing capabilities plus the 4 pin firewire set up I need to transfere footage from my JVC miniDV cam onto my Lappy. So with the later release date the video will be a summitive video of all that is 2008. So video bigger and better.